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The songs I have released over the last year or so are the ones I am most proud of. ‘Beautiful Morning’ is a standout track for me, as it is the first song I wrote to mark what I perceive as a new era in my song writing career and is also one of the songs included within this project. This song took a very long time to finish, almost taking a year to complete. This was mainly due to lyrical complications. I found it difficult to write lyrics for this song that I was happy with, primarily due to wanting to write lyrics in a different style that I am used to doing. Again, this pushed me out of my comfort zone, as I wanted the lyrics to be a bit more literal than abstract. Although some lines in the song are open to interpretation, the lyrics within the chorus are much simpler, which is what I intended, perhaps because this added a sense of ‘pop’ to the track. Nevertheless, when I finally finished the song several months later, it turned out to be one of my favourites I’ve ever written. I recorded, produced and mixed the song myself, as again, I wanted to gain the capability and experience of releasing music that was made entirely on my own. I see being able to produce your own music to a decent enough standard as a fundamental skill as an independent artist and musician, as you are able to understand and craft your own sound with much more control, compared to if another producer mixes your track for you.


I worked with Tom Cory on the mastering of ‘Beautiful Morning’. I have worked with Tom many times before as I really like the quality and the way that his mixing and mastering sounds. Tom is also great to work with as he is very open minded to the creative input of the people he works with, meaning I was able to have a lot of say in the way I wanted the end-product of the track to be sonically. The mastering process took a few attempts, primarily because of my perfectionism and attention to detail when it comes to making music sound exactly how I want it to. Nonetheless, Tom did a fantastic job and helped add the perfect finishing touches to ‘Beautiful Morning’, giving it the professional quality and ‘umph’ that it has today. I plan to work with Tom a lot more in the future.

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